Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why we continue to carry California Natural and other Natura Products:

Though we have reduced the number of varieties and the amount of shelf space in our stores for the Natura Brands, we have decided to continue to offer California Natural and make Innova and Evo available via special order for our customers who want to or need to feed one of the Natura Brands. We have taken several factors into consideration in making this decision:

·        California Natural is one of a small number of foods with a single source of protein. Foods with multiple proteins can be more taxing on a dog’s digestive system. Any dog with a sensitive digestive system, or dogs with food allergies require an easy to digest limited ingredient diet. California Natural was the original limited ingredient diet and in some cases it is the best choice for some pets who have struggled with other brands. In addition, California Natural recently introduced a number of grain free formulas, again with single sources of protein that have benefit for pets who have allergies to rice or potato. One of the grain free formulas is Kangaroo and Lentil. For pets with protein allergies looking for a novel protein, Kangaroo is a good choice. 

·        Prior to the Natura recalls, Natura introduced their “See Beyond the Bag” campaign. This was the first public initiative to highlight the sourcing for all the ingredients in their brands. “See Beyond The Bag” answers the first round of ingredient sourcing questions Cherrybrook asks all pet food companies. It was encouraging for us to see a pet food company respond to the questions about ingredient sourcing and make public where their ingredients come from. 

·        We have experienced several rounds pet food brand recalls as well as the response to the recalls from manufacturers, and have found that Natura handled their recall in the most professional and transparent manner. Natura quickly initiated a full recall of all brands, and did not prolong the process by adding to the list of foods recalled daily. In addition, they immediately communicated how they wanted the recalled product handled; they picked up every bag and took care of safely disposing of the product themselves.

·        Natura has also responded to the recall by enhancing their manufacturing and product testing procedures. They have detailed these changes on their website as part of the commitment to transparency. You can find details of how their manufacturing and testing has been improved by visiting .  We were encouraged by Natura’s response to the recalls by making significant changes to their physical plant, manufacturing and testing procedures.

Many of our customers have successfully switched from the Natura brands they were feeding before the recalls, and for most there is no need to switch back because their pets are happy and doing well on one of the many other all natural foods we carry at Cherrybrook. However for some of our customers who need a single source of protein diet or who have found that their pets do better when fed a Natura brand, we will continue to offer them the opportunity to purchase Natura products from Cherrybrook.