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Coat Link Coat Dressing by Chris Christensen is truly a Miracle Solution!

by Coreen Bebawer
Static electricity problem? Dull coat? No texture? Looks like your dog just came out of a pasture? That is what my Irish Setter used to look like in the show ring! Then I came upon a miracle solution that is easy to use and no one can even tell there is product in the coat.

Coat Link Coat Dressing from Chris Christensen is an easy-to-use whipped mousse formula that enhances sheen and color, stops static electricity and makes the coat have a wonderful flow. It can be used as often as you like for complete manageability.

To use, simply shampoo with any Chris Christensen Shampoo, such as Day to Day moisturizing shampoo, and apply Coat Link to a clean, dry coat.

Hydration is one of the most important elements in a healthy, controlled and shiny coat. Coat Link Coat Dressing replenishes and completely transforms the dog’s coat with four times the moisture! Lack of manageability, frizz, and lack of sheen are a thing of the past.

According to Chris Christensen Systems it’s the triple natural lanolin complex that strengthens and repairs fine, limp coats, leaving them thicker and healthier looking.

Groomers – you are going to love using this on drop coated breeds in the salon. At the last minute, right before the dog goes home; use the spray, then run a brush through the coat. The dog is ready to go and looks like a best in show winner. When using it for show it should be done right before you go into the ring.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wood Wornall Counts on Chris Christensen

Why do winning dog handlers rely on Chris Christensen Products? Read the following letter from Professional Dog Handler Wood Wornall to find out.

I am a great believer in the old adage "it's a poor craftsman who blames his tools". I am also a firm believer in using equipment and shampoos that will make my job easier and the results better.
I was first introduced to Chris Christensen and his products many years ago. The first product that I used was his whitening shampoo. It was apparent to all of us that there was no product to compare to it. Then I sampled one of his pin brushes. My reaction was to throw out all the old brushes in my tack box and buy three more!! I am serious when I tell you that this is the same reaction we have had to all of Chris's products. From shampoos and conditioners to blow dryers, from stripping knives to thinning shears to brushes and combs.
I am not the hardest "sell" in my organization.
Anyone who knows my daughter, Jenny, KNOWS we refer to her as the "queen of product". She is our biggest fan of Chris's products.
If you were to ask me why his products are superior, I can sum it up easily. Chris is a perfectionist. He is innovative and he listens to his costumers. His products are always the top of the line. If you have any suggestions, he is always willing to listen.
How refreshing is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wood Wornall

Wholistic Pet Coconut Oil

Wholistic Pet Coconut Oil is extra virgin, cold-processed, and unrefined. This certified organic, non-GMO, non-hydrogenated Coconut Oil looks, tastes and smells like fresh coconut because it is made from fresh coconuts!!!

Most of coconut oil’s health benefits come from medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), also known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). One of the chief benefits of Medium-chain fatty acids is that they are efficiently metabolized to provide an immediate source of fuel and energy, enhancing athletic performance and aiding weight loss.

As an antioxidant, Coconut Oil is 50 times more potent than Vitamin E, 15 times more potent than carrots, and 300 times more potent than tomatoes.

Coconut Oil also contains Lauric and Caprylic acid that has anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and health-protecting properties. When applied topically to cuts, wounds, infected ears, fungal infections, bites and stings it acts to disinfect and promote wound healing.

Many other benefits of using coconut oil include:
Reduction of skin and body odor
Aids in elimination of hairballs and coughing
Aids healing of digestive disorders like inflammatory bowel syndrome and colitis
Contains powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal agents that prevent infection and disease
Prevents and treats yeast and fungal infections, including Candida
Promotes normal thyroid function
Helps prevent or control diabetes
Aids in arthritis relief
Reduces allergic reactions
Improves skin health and hair condition

Dosage Instructions for Dogs and Cats:

Solid or liquid coconut oil can be added to food at any meal or given between meals.
To liquefy, gently warm the oil.
Begin with a lower dose of 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon per 10 lbs of body weight. Gradually increase dosage over a week to 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight daily, or 1 tablespoon per 30 pounds. These are general guidelines, as some dogs need less and others more.

Apply as a salve to wounds, cuts, bites, and infected ears.

The purchase Wholistic Pet Coconut Oil or any of the natural Wholistic Pet line, visit

What is a Coat King?

Coat Kings are multi-stripping-curry-combs. In other words, they can do just about anything when it comes to grooming! Regular stripping knives can only remove small amounts of fur at a time. But a Coat King can strip large areas very quickly. A Coat King quickly and easily removes loose hair, especially the undercoat. It also works well for dematting and detangling. Coat Kings leave hair full and healthy.

Coat Kings are unique in design. They have curved, sharpened blades with rounded tips for safety, and are firmly attached to a smooth wooden handle which is very easy to hold and work with. They are perfect for use either right or left handed. Coat Kings are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Coat Kings work with all breeds and all coat types. They even work for cats and horses! Because of their versatility, many groomers have deemed Coat Kings indispensable. They give a show dog quality look without the extra work! Coat Kings save time, and the coat. Try one and see how much time you can save!

Tools for Grooming a Cairn Terrier

Linda wants to know which stripping knives and other tools are appropriate for grooming her Cairn Terrier. He has both soft and coarse hair, and she wants to make sure he looks like a Cairn.

Lisa Christensen replies that while the Chris Christensen Fine Stripping Knife would be the best choice, all four knives would be needed to really do the job correctly on a Cairn. The #012 Buttercomb can be made even easier to use with the addition of the 4.5” Buttercomb Snap-on Handle. Made of lightweight beech wood, this handle allows for added leverage by giving a better grip on the comb.

As for brushes for grooming a Cairn, Lisa recommends the IONIC Boar/Brass Combo Brush, a must for all terriers! The solid brass inner bristles distribute natural oils while the outer row of boar bristles smooths the hair.

Things to Look for in a Puppy

You’ve decided to get a puppy! But how do you know which one is right for you? First decide on a particular breed that is suitable to your lifestyle. Once you know the breed of puppy you want, the next step is to find a breeder.

Once you have narrowed your search down to a few breeders with the right credentials, schedule appointments to visit the breeders and their dogs. You want to make sure the grounds are well maintained. Some breeders keep their dogs and puppies in the house, while others may use a separate building. Whether the dogs are inside the house or in a separate kennel area, make sure it is clean and doesn’t smell like urine or feces. The kennel area should be bright, not damp, and be heated and air conditioned. If you are told you can’t see the kennel, leave!

Onto the puppies! The main things to look for in a puppy are personality traits. The pup should be happy and outgoing. Puppies that are hiding in a corner and not playing with littermates tend to be introverted and don’t make good pets. You want to find the puppy that has a lot of energy and is very curious about what is going on. Generally, you want a puppy that acts like a pain in the rear! Of course, these are the first puppies to go, so make sure you observe all the puppies together.

Make sure to look at the puppies faces. There should be no mucus from the nose and the eyes, and the nose shouldn’t be running. Watch how the puppies respond to you. They should cock their heads at different sounds, and should appear interested in who you are.

Once you have looked at all the puppies and seen how they interact with you, your family, and each other, you can make a decision on the one you want. Then you can bring your new puppy home!

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Puppy

Someone in your family said, “Let’s get a puppy!” Great! Now comes the hard part. You have to decide if you are really ready for a puppy. Sometimes people just don’t understand how big a commitment a puppy can be. The care and commitment are truly like having a child. So here are some things to keep in mind before you begin looking for a breeder.

A lifetime commitment
A giant breed may only live for 7 to 9, or maybe even 11 years. But a toy breed can live as long as 22-24 years!

All dogs need to be fed, brushed and walked on a daily basis. Don’t forget about bathing! You may fall in love with that Samoyed but do you really have time to brush everyday and keep that white coat sparkling? Be honest with yourself about the amount of time and effort you can dedicate to grooming.

How much time do you spend away from home? Not just traveling, which presents its own set of challenges, but commuting? Dogs aren’t happy being alone or crated for 12 hours a day. And being home for two days on the weekend can never make up for the time you aren’t with your dog. Dogs are social animals and need to be with their human family.

Check your schedule. Do you travel more? When you’re on the road you can travel with small dogs in cars, and even on planes. A larger breed might fit in the car, but not on an airplane. And some hotels won’t allow large dogs.

Training a dog is as important as food and shelter. Dogs must learn what is expected of them early and often in order to be happy and well adjusted. Training several times per day plus training classes is the minimum commitment for the first year or two.

Do you have kids? Children, especially young ones, aren’t accustomed to real animals. Stuffed animals can fall down the stairs safely, but a puppy cannot. Toys can be dropped, stepped on, or even run over by a bike! A puppy can be seriously hurt, even by a well-meaning child. And just like kids, puppies have soft bones and can be injured easily.

Recently married or newly co-habiting? It can be very hard to bring a puppy into a situation like this. You and your partner are just learning how to live with each other, much less a puppy! Try waiting at least a year, so you can be comfortable in your life, home, and each other before adding a puppy to the mix.

Did you become an empty-nester? Even though you probably have plenty of experience with pets, are you really ready to try again right away? Maybe it’s been a while since you had a dog. You just got your house back to yourself. Are you ready for housebreaking?

Medical concerns
What about allergies? Is anyone in your family allergic? Do you sneeze and get a runny nose when you pet the neighbor’s Labrador? Do your daughter’s eyes itch when she plays with her friend’s Pomeranian? Before thinking about getting a puppy, everyone should be tested for allergic reactions. This can be as easy as spending time with someone else’s pet. But it can save a lot of heartbreak later.

After taking everything into consideration, if you, your partner, your family, and your lifestyle are compatible with a dog, it’s time to find a breeder. Go get your puppy! But if one person isn’t happy or ready, don’t get the dog. It will only cause resentment towards the puppy that will affect not only the dog but the household as well.

Always remember that getting a puppy is a lifetime commitment!

How to Treat and Prevent a Sun Bleached Coat

Everyone knows that sun exposure can be very damaging to human skin. But it can also do serious damage to a dog’s skin and coat. Sun bleaching is very common, especially in dogs that spend a lot of time outside. The sun not only lightens the white, it also bleaches out the darker coat colors causing unsightly red patches.

Chris Christensen makes some wonderful products to help with sun bleached coats. To revitalize white colors, suds up with White on White Shampoo. The optical brighteners help to whiten the coat.

For darker black or liver colored areas, use Black on Black Shampoo. This will restore the intense dark color of the coat.

Use Ice on Ice Finishing Spray daily to protect the coat from any further sun damage. It contains a sunscreen to protect the coat from the sun’s damaging rays. If used regularly, sun damage may be a thing of the past!

Silicone Damage Myth – Busted!

Many years ago silicone was made out of sand. It would crystallize on hair and break it because it was not water soluble. So began the persistent myth of silicone being bad for a dog’s coat!

Today most, if not all, manufacturers use water soluble silicone. You may see it listed as Dimethicone, Simethicone, or Cyclomethicone, all of which are derivatives of the silicone family. But they are all water soluble. You will find these ingredients in almost every shampoo, conditioner, lotion or soap on the market for both people and pets!

Products such as Ice on Ice by Chris Christensen are silicone based products, but as many dog owners will tell you, it works wonderfully and does not damage the coat. So by all means, give silicone a chance.

Shampooing a White Samoyed

Margaret M. asks if she can use Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo as a second shampoo after using Clean Start Clarifying Shampoo on her Samoyed puppy to remove some residue from last week’s shows. She is showing her Samoyed again this weekend.

Lisa Christensen answers that while it is okay to use this process this time, she wouldn’t recommend it for the future. Clean Start is recommended for use once a month, and White on White should be rotated with Day to Day Moisturizing Shampoo. “Neither White on White nor Clean Start has any conditioning agents in them, and if you continued to use them every time you bathed I'm afraid it would dry out your Samoyed’s coat,” said Lisa.

Lisa also recommends using Thick N Thicker Volume Response Foaming Protein after bathing, and then using After Bath as the conditioner. After Bath has no waxes or silicones, so it won’t make the Samoyed’s coat drop like other products do.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Choosing the Right Brush

by Claudia Loomis

There are many styles of brush to choose from and the right one depends on your pet’s coat type and condition. Here is the low down on the different types of dog brushes:

Slicker Brush: This brush has fine metal prongs set at an angle. A slicker is used to remove dead undercoat and aid in de-tangling. A soft slicker brush is best on puppies and short coated breeds. A heavy or firm slicker is best on dense coats that are wavy, curly or straight. A slicker should not be used on short haired and fine coated breeds such as Boxers or Great Danes. Slickers come in a number of sizes and shapes. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or force when using a slicker brush as the prongs can cause skin irritation resulting in brush burn.

Pin Brush: These brushes have long rounded metal pins that minimize scratching and potential skin irritation. Pin Brushes are traditionally used on longer coated breeds or dogs whose coats are in good condition because the rounded pins result in less hair breakage. The length of the pin should be long enough to reach the skin in order to de-shed. The pins can be made of Stainless steel, brass- which has antistatic properties, or wood, for the gentlest of brushing experiences. The longer the coat, the longer the pin should be.

Bristle Brush: The bristle brush can be used for both short or long coated breeds that have no undercoat. The bristles can be natural or nylon. It provides a gentle brushing experience but is not a good brush for de-shedding or detangling. It is best for distributing the oils throughout the hair shaft and polishing, or shining, the coat.

Curry Mitt: This rubber mitt comes in various sizes and is used for fine coated or shorthaired dogs. Rubber curry mitts are also used in the tub as a shampoo brush for almost all coat types. They are at getting loose fur out of the coat quickly and most dogs’ love how they feel on their skin.

Hound Glove: This mitt has little nubs or bristles and is designed to give short or sleek coated breeds the once over. Similar to the Curry Mitt, the hound glove provides a nice massage.
Cherrybrook has many different styles and sizes the above brushes and our associates will be happy to help you choose the perfect one for your pet.

REMEMBER: Never brush a dry dog, a coat conditioner or spray will make the brushing experience easier and protect the coat.

Questions to Ask a Breeder

When searching for a puppy, there are several things you want to ask a prospective breeder before making a purchase. One of the first questions to ask is how he or she came to breed this particular type of dog. What first attracted them to the breed? You may be surprised by the sheer amount of knowledge the breeder has about a particular breed, and how passionate they are about their dogs and puppies.

How long has he or she been breeding, or breeding the particular type of dog you are interested in? Have they shown their dogs? Some breeders don’t actually show their own dogs, but they breed them for others to show. And if the breeder has shown dogs, don’t be surprised if he or she wants to show off the trophies!

How many litters do they typically breed per year? More than one or two planned litters a year may indicate your breeder is breeding for profit.

Most breeders register their dogs with one organization, such as the AKC. Have all the dogs and puppies been registered with the American Kennel Club, or another organization? Be wary of anyone who says their dogs are registered with several different organizations, like the AKC and the UKC. This could mean there have been problems in the past, and they may be prohibited from registering with the AKC.

Ask the breeder if you can see the mature dogs when you visit. Because they are so proud of their dogs, most breeders will invite you to see all of them! If you are refused, walk away. This could mean there is a problem. One of the dogs may be a biter or have a bad temperament, and this could be the parent of the litter you in which you are interested. Not allowing you to see other dogs is not a sign of a good breeder.

Ask about possible health issues and health guarantees. Some breeder’s will warrant their puppies against certain health issues for a certain amount of time. Ask if the puppies’ sire and dam have been OFA (Orthopedic Foundation Association) tested for common diseases of the breed. Take time to research the common health problems of the breed you are interested in and how they are inherited.

Most breeders will have you sign a contract which clearly spells out the purchasing agreement. Ask questions and make sure you understand exactly what you are signing before you sign.

If you find a breeder you are comfortable with and you decide to purchase a puppy, the breeder should give you care instructions. Make sure he or she tells you about proper equipment, feeding and grooming. Also, make sure to ask the breeder about the first night home with your new puppy. Breeds vary in how they respond to separation from parents and littermates, so make sure the breeder explains the best way to care for your puppy in his new home – yours! Don’t be surprised if the breeder cries when you leave.

Breeders are running a business, but a lot of time, care, and love go into that business. Just like any other business they want to know how you heard about them. Be sure to mention to the breeder where you got his or her name, be it a friend or relative, the AKC or its website, another breeder, or Cherrybrook!

Proper Brushing

by Claudia Loomis

Other than the primary function of styling and matt removal, brushing the coat serves several other important purposes such as cleaning and massaging the skin, and stimulating the release of beneficial oils. Brushing the hair cleans the hair shaft, follicle and skin by removing trapped scales, dirt and oils. Brushing also distributes the Sebum coating, lubricating and protecting the hair shaft; resulting in a healthy glow, more flexible hair and a healthy coat. Because Sebum protects and moisturizes, regular brushing results in hair that is healthier, more manageable and easier to style.

The proper brush to use depends upon your pet’s coat type and we have a dog brush for every coat type at Cherrybrook.

Regardless of coat type or the brush you use, one important adage to remember is “Never brush a dry dog”. We recommend using a coat spray or conditioner first. This helps the brush glide smoothly through the coat and helps add elasticity and strength to the coat while brushing to prevent coat breakage. This is especially true for longer coated breeds or pets that have tangles or matts.

Visit to find the correct coat spray for your grooming needs.

Petzlife 100% All Natural Oral Care Gel and Spray

by Jamie Pyatt

Petzlife Oral Care Spray and Gel is 100% natural with specially formulated Grape Seed extract and other all natural herbs and ingredients to produce a very safe alternative to tooth scaling.
The natural ingredients in Petzlife include Grapefruit seed extract, Grape seed extract, Thyme oil, Neem oil, Rosemary oil, and Peppermint oil.

These ingredients are all specially formulated with distilled water and grain alcohol to produce one of the most effective and safest dental products ever produced. A small amount of grain alcohol is used to activate the herbs used in this safe and effective teeth cleaning wonder.

Keeping your dog’s teeth clean and tartar free will not only help your dog live longer but will keep bacteria from his mouth from entering the bloodstream. We all know we should brush our dog’s teeth regularly but it can be a time consuming hassle. The convenience of spraying Petzlife into on your dog’s teeth once or twice a day ensures that you will keep up with your dog’s dental care. Once you see the amazing results you’ll continue to use Petzlife regularly.

Dental cleanings are normally performed by your veterinarian under general anesthesia. General anesthesia can be risky for some dogs, particularly older or overweight dogs. Regular use of Petzlife will lessen or eliminate the need for tooth scaling performed under general anesthesia, saving you money and possible health risks to your dog.

Petzlife is doctor formulated in FDA approved labs using natural ingredients. It is easy to use. Just spray or apply gel directly on your pet’s teeth. Your pet will lick their lips repeatedly which will allow the Petzlife to mix with saliva and coat all the surfaces of the teeth and gums. Do not allow your pet to eat or drink for 30 minutes before or after application, for best results. If you spray Petzlife at night, use a soft piece of gauze to wipe the “broken down” tartar from your pet’s teeth in the morning. According to the Petzlife website, you will be amazed at how much plaque and tartar come off your dog or cat’s teeth.

Inflammation and doggy breath should improve in 1 to 2 weeks. After 30 days, application can be reduced to 2 or 3 times a week. PetzLife guarantees to refund 100% of your purchase price if you are not satisfied and when you return the unused portion.

Testimonials received about Petzlife prove that it really works.Petzlife Oral Care Spray and Gel are available at

Oster Gentle Paws

by Jamie Pyatt

Some dogs just do not like having their nails clipped. No matter how many treats or calming supplements you give them they will kick and fuss. Using traditional nail clippers on a wiggly, frightened dog is stressful and dangerous for the dog and the groomer. A better solution is to use a nail grinder to smooth and shape the nail. The nail grinders I have tried are either too heavy, not powerful enough, too expensive, or the dog and I both end up wrapped in the cord.

Oster has perfected the nail grinder with a safety guard! Others have tried, but the Oster Gentle Paws is the superior safe nail trimmer. Featuring a two speed, professional motor, removable safety guard and auto stop safety, the Gentle Paw gently files your pet’s nails quickly and easily.

The lightweight battery operated motor is surprisingly powerful – up to 5 times faster than the competition. The high speed rotates at 15,000 rpm and the low speed at 7,500 rpm to trim all breeds of dogs and cats. Gentle Paws comes with a coarse stone, two coarse bands and one fine band. The 60 grit coarse stone is a long lasting, finishing stone ideal for multiple dog households and large breeds. The 60 grit coarse band is for quickly grinding down nails. The 100 grit fine band is for smoothing and finishing the nail.

The Gentle Paws Safety Guard has 4 differently sized holes to safely hold the nail while trimming. Simply insert the pets nail into the properly sized hole and begin trimming. The safety guard is easily removed and cleaned.

Visit today to order the only safety guard nail grinder with the trusted Oster name – Gentle Paws! The name says it all.
Chris Christensen Systems is proud to announce that they are the new manufacturer of the Kool Dry Dryer.

The tried and true Kool Dry Dryer and its loyal following of satisfied users is the ideal match to the Chris Christensen philosophy of providing high quality dog grooming products to dog show professionals and professional dog groomers.

Since its creation in 1978, the Kool Dry Dog Dryer has proven to be an engineering marvel. The versatility of the variable speeds, the durability of the polyethylene base, the efficiency of the motor all speak to its function as a reliable dryer for the dog professional.

With a power draw comparable to a standard hand held hair dryer, the Kool Dry will not cause circuit breakers to overload like many other dog dryers. In fact, this amazing dryer starts at 1 amp and peaks at 9.6 amps when at full speed. This important feature, combined with its light weight, make it perfect for dog shows, professional dog handlers and mobile grooming shops.

Because the Kool Dry does not add heat to the air dogs, and dog groomers alike, will not become overheated.

The design of the rust proof housing conceals sound absorbing foam and the most efficient motor on the market. The result of these high quality components is the quietest dryer in the industry.

This easy to maintain dryer allows for years of reliable, trouble-free use. This dryer does it all! Over 200 settings, from a silent puff of air to high velocity to blow water out of the dogs coat. Easy to use attachments and accessories, such as the Hold-A-Hose, provide great versatility when working with multiple breeds and coat types.

When asked about the Cubic Feet per Minute, Lisa Christensen replies: We just purchased the company Kool Dry and started manufacturing them June 1st. The previous owner of the company did not get actual lab testing on the CFM. The motor company that makes the motor does claim a CFM of 123 - but this is the motor all by itself, not in the casing and not pushing the air through a hose, which of course increases that number drastically. We are currently in the process of having a lab run all specs for us and I currently cannot answer your question other than to tell you that the Kool Dry Dryer is a variable speed from a small puff of air to extremely high velocity enough to blow out a Newfoundland. I know that without having the dryer right in front of you that this is a standard question, but I will say that at show sight when someone actually sees and feels the air velocity of the Kool Dry Dryer, this is never a question that arises.

Keep Your Pet Safe with Pet ID tags from

by Jamie Pyatt

It happens every day to pet owners all over the world. Your pet darts out the door or an open gate or the leash breaks and your four legged family member is gone!

Now what do you do?

If your pet is wearing a pet identification tag from, you are just a few clicks of the mouse away from alerting shelters within 50 miles of your pets last known location.

From immunizations to nutritious treats, as pet owners, we take every precaution to keep our pets safe and healthy. Unfortunately, our loving house pets have an urge to roam and are shamelessly opportunistic. offers low priced pet identification tags with a 24/7 Live Toll Free Emergency Support Line. One call or mouse click and a lost pet bulletin with photos and descriptions of your pet will be broadcast to any of over 13,000 shelters and rescues, and will automatically post on lost pet websites.

Secure online access to a pet and owner profile featuring photos, videos, health information, emergency contacts and rewards make traditional pet id tags obsolete. Implanting microchips may expose your pet to health risks. Tattooing can be traumatic to your dog and involves a trip to the veterinarian. Both tattooing and microchips may be valuable tools if your dog or cat is found by a shelter with the tools to detect and decipher the information contained within.

Anyone who finds your pet wearing one of the unique, hand enameled identification tags can simply go to or call the toll free number on the tag to retrieve contact information. Your name and address are not readily visible as on a traditional engraved id tag, which can be a security risk. Even if your dog is found without his tag, local shelters will have photos and a description of your lost pet. dog identification tags are inexpensive, easy to use and the most advanced pet identification tags available today. After purchasing one of the economical and colorful pet tags follow the simple three step online registration process using the unique serial number on the pet tag. The secure online access allows you to update your Real-Time pet and owner information from any location, at your convenience. All pet identification tags include the first year of service FREE! After that this progressive pet location service is just $6.95 per year.

Some reports estimate that millions of pets are lost every year and only a small percent are reunited with their owner. Many of these lost pets are euthanized. pet tags are an inexpensive way to prevent the heartbreak of a lost pet and are available in several styles, colors and sizes at

How to Use a Finishing Spray

One of the uses of a finishing spray is to use before scissoring coat to a final finish. It is usually a silicone type of spray. Some sprays use natural silicone, while some are more of a synthetic type. Most groomers mix the finishing spray with water and put it in a fine mist spray bottle.

The purpose of a finishing spray is to seal moisture into each hair so a comb glides through more easily and lifts the coat more evenly. To make it work properly, you must have the right comb for the type of coat you are working with. This will help to lift the hair where you need it for scissoring.

Spritz a little finishing spray onto the coat. Comb it through by using long, even strokes going against the lay of the coat so the hair gets lifted to the desired height. . Shake the area you are working with to loosen the coat. Then scissor. Because of the quick time frame, the spray won’t hurt your scissors! The coat will be straighter and easier to comb through each time.

How to Prepare Your House for a Puppy

Many people assume that in order to bring a puppy into your home, you must rearrange it. This is not necessary! You really don’t have to start making huge changes to your house. You can have a nice house, own nice things, and still have a dog!

Always remember that training is more important than removing items. In fact, training is the most important responsibility of owning a puppy. A puppy must be trained to respect your home. Setting clear boundaries and limitations from the beginning will make your pet less anxious and enable you to consistently enforce those boundaries. If you use 24 hour supervisory control from the time you bring a puppy into your home, you won’t have as many problems with the puppy chewing, lifting its leg on the furniture or pooping all over the house. Just remember that accidents will happen, and they are easily cleaned!

Make sure you have the proper equipment for training before you bring the puppy home. You should make sure to have a dog crate or vari-kennel for crate training, along with a pad or towel. Always leave the door open so the puppy has a safe place to go. This will also help the puppy get used to being in the crate for transportation purposes. Puppies will often go into alcoves or other small spaces. This is totally normal. The puppies aren’t hiding. They are just looking for a refuge where they can be alone. If there are children in the house, teach them to respect the puppy when it goes to a safe area. It’s down time and they should leave the puppy alone.

Your goal should be to live your normal life, with your puppy. Puppies must be taught that they are yours, not the other way around. If you compromise your lifestyle for a puppy, you will always be resentful and your puppy will never truly learn how to behave in normal everyday situations.
Reputable breeders don’t really advertise, so checking in your local newspaper won’t help in finding one. Most people who advertise puppies for sale in the paper only have one litter, and aren’t true breeders.

So where do you look? The safest and surest way is to go to a local dog show. Ask the exhibitors and owners of the breed you are interested in. Most will be more than willing to tell you who their breeder is. Some of the people you talk to may even be breeders themselves! And if he or she doesn’t have any puppies currently, the breeder will be glad to tell you when the next litter is due, or who else may have some. Check out the Dog Show Calendar at for a list of AKC sanctioned events in your area.

Many breeders are also affiliated with rescue groups. Breeders are always ready to help find good homes for dogs that otherwise might not have a chance. This is a great way to adopt an older or unwanted dog who just hasn't found his forever home yet. Every breed has a rescue group somewhere! You can find information about rescue groups on the breed page at

You may want to visit the American Kennel Club website to see an updated list of breeders. Just click on the “Find a Breeder” link. These breeders have been screened for their commitment to the breed standards. Information about the National Breed Club can be found here also.

If you are local to the Cherrybrook Store in Broadway, NJ, we have a booklet from the New Jersey Dog Federation which lists preferred breeders for almost every breed! These breeders are certified by the Foundation, which continually updates its list.

Though it should go without saying, NEVER purchase a puppy from a pet store! These puppies are bred in puppy mills with unknowable backgrounds. Oftentimes they are diseased, and have poor temperaments or physical problems. If you want a pure breed dog go to the people who care, the dedicated specialty breeders who have made dogs a lifetime effort.

How to Clean Shears or Scissors

If you want to maintain the optimum performance of your scissors, follow these suggestions provided by Chris Christensen Systems, makers of professional grooming products. Start by oiling your scissors every day. Be sure to use oil formulated for shears, such as Chris Christensen’s oil tube. It is extremely important to use only oil designed for shears. Never use electric clipper oil on shears or scissors!

Apply a few drops of oil to the screw head and tip. Then apply oil between the blades near the screw. Move the shears as if you were cutting with them. Use your finger to wipe a thin amount of oil on the nipper area to help dissolve any dirt and for added protection of the area. Take a cloth and wipe off any excess oil.

Make sure the scissors are set properly. The best way to check the tension is to hold the scissor by the thumb ring and let go of the finger ring. It should not drop. If your shears need adjustment, don’t over tighten the screw!

Do not throw or drop your scissors! This will damage the cutting edges and points. When not in use, be sure to store your scissors in a protective case, holster, or pouch. By following these simple tips you can keep your scissors working like new!

Visit for Chris Christensen shears.

Happy Hoodie - A Safe, Natural Way To Calm Pets During Grooming

by Jamie Pyatt

The Happy Hoodie for pets was developed by Tracy Carmean and Toni Vernetti. Their combined experience of over 22 years in the grooming industry revealed the need for a humane, drug free way to make force drying a kinder, safer, and less stressful experience for pets, as well as saving time and frustration for the groomer.

These determined, committed animal lovers developed the Happy Hoodie which was then tested for over a year. Testing proved that the Happy Hoodie provided relief from the anxiety caused by the noise of high velocity dryers.

The simple premise that a dog's ears are sensitive and loud noises can hurt them, combined with a common sense approach to shield your dog from loud noises, resulted in the Happy Hoodie. The soft, expandable, lightweight, comfortable band is placed over a pet’s ears to provide protection from the loud noise and high-pressured air associated with force drying. The Happy Hoodie is easy to use and most pets do not try to remove it, unlike cotton balls which they will shake out or towels which fall off. The Happy Hoodie offers a natural remedy for dog anxiety.

While initially designed for professional pet groomers, the Happy Hoodie is ideal for both the grooming shop and home. It comes in two sizes to accommodate most breeds, as well as cats.

When drying an animal, pets can become frightened, upset and anxious due to the deafening noise and high pressured air associated with the process. The Happy Hoodie muffles the painfully loud noise and keeps the high pressured air from getting into their ears and causing discomfort. The Happy Hoodie has an almost immediate calming effect on anxious dogs which greatly improves behavior! For both professional dog groomers and pet owners a calm pet makes for a safer environment and saves time and frustration with the grooming process. The calming effect of Happy Hoodie has even been helpful for nail trimming.

All pets differ in their sensitivity to noise. Many pets are frightened by the sound of the vacuum or become terror stricken and run away at the sound of thunder, fireworks, and gunfire. The Happy Hoodie can help to calm your pet in these situations and many others in the home.

To use, simply place the Happy Hoodie over the pet's head and onto its neck. Place the ears against the pet's head so that air cannot get into them and slide the band back over the top of the head to secure the ears in place. Adjust the width of the band to best fit the pet by folding over excess material once the band is on. It only takes a few seconds to put on and what a HUGE difference it makes. Remove the Happy Hoodie to dry the head, ears, and face. You will notice that the Happy Hoodie absorbs moisture, cutting drying time.

When using massage to calm an anxious pet, therapists focus on acupressure points around the back of the dog's neck. Dogs have acupressure points on top of the head between the ears that are touched to “calm the spirit”. We have all seen how relaxed a dog gets when their ears are massaged. Perhaps the Happy Hoodies snug fit stimulate these pressure points to add to the calming effect. Whatever the reason, this amazing, easy to use product is catching the eye of professional dog groomers everywhere. Posts on pet groomer websites rave about this exciting product and recommend it to other groomers. There is no better advertisement than word of mouth from a happy customer.

Cherrybrook is proud to offer the Happy Hoodie to professional groomers to calm anxious dogs and make the drying process faster and less stressful for both the dog and the groomer!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions about Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover

Q: What causes excessive tearing and staining?

A: Staining can be caused by a variety of things:
Clogged or Shallow Tear Ducts: Studies indicate that 20-25% of small dogs and cats are born with closed of shallow tear ducts. Tears overflow because there the eyelid space is not deep enough to contain them.
Excessive Tearing: When the face hair is wet from excessive tearing, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast infections (AKA: Red Yeast, which causes deep reddish-brown stains); Low grade bacteria infections may also cause excessive tearing.
Cutting Teeth: Cutting teeth may cause changes in the head & mouth structure of your pet, placing pressure on the tear ducts.
Irritation & Allergies: Some animals get hair or eyelashes into their eyes causing irritation. Many breeds are susceptible to allergies. Shampoos and other chemicals can also irritate their eyes. Some foods cause allergic reactions; animals may also build an allergic reaction over time to a type of food.
Water: Water with high mineral levels causes staining
Food & Treats: Diet plays a significant role. Many commercial foods contain additives, preservatives and food coloring. This could lead to staining.
Fleas: Fleas survive in moisture, which they get from the eye or mouth area. This could cause irritation and in addition red stains left behind may be from flea feces. These are just a few reasons. There are MANY more!!

Q: Why is Eye Envy so different than all the other products that I've bought that don't work?

A: Eye Envy works at the true problem, a bacteria infection. Eye Envy contains a cleanser, an astringent (to dry the area) and herbal flower extract (acts as a natural antibiotic) and an antibacterial. Eye Envy must be used for consecutive days until the stain is gone, typically within a week. Once the stain is gone, weekly or b-weekly maintenance is required, depending on the animal.

Q: What if I've used bleach or peroxide to clean the area around the eyes?

A: Bleach and Peroxide make the hair shaft very porous, causing the stain to set into the hair. Eye Envy will only lighten the areas previously damaged by bleach or peroxide, but all regrowth will be stain free.

Q: Is Eye Envy safe to use on my pregnant dog or cat?

A: Yes. Eye Envy is applied externally, it is 100% safe to use on pregnant, lactating and even small kittens (over the age of 7 weeks).

Q: Can I use only the solution?

A: Eye Envy is a two-step process. It is HIGHLY recommended to use both products when initially removing stains.

Q: Is the powder just a cover up?

A: No. Eye Envy Powder actually contains an additional antibacterial. It allows the area to remain dry and repels additional tears, while working in conjunction with the solution.

Q: What happens if a small amount gets into my pets eyes?

A: There is nothing to worry about if some solution gets into your pets eyes. The ingredients are safe and have been tested.

Q: Can I use Eye Envy on my dog/cats legs, tail, mouth area? Is it safe?

A: Yes. The ingredients will not harm your animal. Also, Eye Envy can be used for chin acne and urine stains.

Q: Does Eye Envy require refrigeration?

A: There are two types of Eye Envy, Original and NR. Original requires refrigeration and has a limited shelf-life of 2-3 months. NR does NOT require refrigeration and has an extended shelf life of up to a year. Cherrybrook carries the Eye Envy NR.

Q: My dog has brown fur. Does Eye Envy fade/bleach colored animals?

A: No. The product does not contain any peroxides or bleaching/whitening agents or harsh chemicals. Your pet’s hair will not discolor.

Dog DNA Testing

by Jamie Pyatt

A mutt is a mutt is a mutt…or is it? Mixed breed dogs can feature a larger number of contributing breeds than meets the eye. The dog that looks like a German Shepherd mix can be a Heeler-Chocolate Lab, or the fluffy puppy that you are sure has some sheepdog in him can be a Husky and a Schnauzer mix. Does it matter? Yes and No. You will still love your mixed breed dog no matter what his ancestors were, but knowing which breeds he is made up of may help you to know what health and behavior issues to be alert for. Dog breed DNA testing is an accurate way to determine breed makeup.

DNA, or genetic code, is passed from the sire and dam to the offspring. DNA determines the color of eyes, hair color, size, inherited disease and many other traits. Each cell within a dog contains a complete sample of DNA which is identical to every other cell within that dog and contains all the information about that dog. Because DNA code is unique to that individual, it can be used to distinguish one dog from others.

The AKC has used dog DNA testing to verify parentage of AKC dogs and for genetic identity purposes. The AKC has DNA testing requirements for stud dogs and recommends dog DNA testing for litters in certain cases.

Breed Identification
The DNA Breed Identification Kit uses DNA analysis to determine which dog breeds are present in your mixed breed dog. Knowing which breeds are in the mix will allow you a greater understanding of your dog’s behavior and potential health risks. Dog breed DNA testing is a simple way to increase your knowledge of your dog’s health and habits to ensure you have a long and rewarding relationship with your dog.

Upon receipt of the samples at the BioPet testing site, the samples are analyzed, resulting in a rapid and accurate determination of the breeds that have contributed to the makeup of your dog. You will receive an Ancestry Analysis Certificate with the levels of each breed that have been detected.

BioPet Vet Labs state that they “believe that 92.5% of the mixed breed dog population in the USA is covered by the 63 validated breeds”. The validated Breeds are based on breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Proof of Parentage
The DNA Proof of Parentage Kit uses swabs for the sire and dam, as well as the puppy, to determine the puppy’s parentage. Once a dog is tested, simply retain the DN numbers to include them in any future parentage analysis. Once your dogs' profile is entered, you never have to re-enter that information. The only way to be sure of your dog’s genetic makeup is dog DNA testing.

Dog breeders give careful consideration to the choice of parents before breeding. The DNA Proof of Parentage Kit gives peace of mind that the resulting puppies are the product of the intended lineage.

While some dog DNA tests require blood to be drawn, the DNA Breed Identification and DNA Proof of Parentage tests from BioPet Vet Labs do not. The collection of cells containing DNA is painless for your dog. The inside of the dog’s mouth and cheek are brushed with a cotton swab. Return the swab in the prepaid envelope and results will be analyzed and mailed within 2 weeks. Both simple, easy to use dog DNA test kits can be purchased at or in one of our retail stores.

February is Dental Health Month

By Claudia Loomis

Dental Health; as important for your pet as it is for you!

Everyone knows that it is important to take good care of your teeth but dental health is equally important for our canine and feline companions. Aside from causing bad breath, plaque and tartar build up leads to tooth and gum infections that cause tremendous discomfort to our pets and threaten their overall health. Fortunately there are a number of great products available to help us keep our pets teeth clean, their breath fresh, and their gums healthy from puppy to senior.

The best defense is a good offense
A daily dental treat or chew such as Petrodex Dental Chews, or a daily chew session with a special knobby textured Nylabone Dental Chew or a Nylabone Dental Dinosaur bone will help fight tartar buildup. It is best to give these after meals or when brushing is not possible. They provide mild abrasion to teeth and gums that will help fight plaque build up.

Other great products for daily dental care are Dental Fresh and all natural Mr. Groom OxyGreen Solution. A little added to your pet’s water bowl each day will also help fight plaque and tartar build up.

In addition, we have a new weapon in our arsenal to fight plaque called Plaque Off. This natural product is derived from granulated Norwegian seaweed and is added to your pet’s food (wet or dry). Once ingested, Plaque Off is secreted through the saliva to break down the bacterial biofilm that forms on teeth and gums thus preventing bacteria from taking hold.

The use of these products will help reduce plaque, but they are not a substitute for regular brushing. Regular use of dental treats, dental rinses and Plaque Off will make the brushing easier for you and your pet and maybe, just maybe, you won’t have to brush quite as frequently.

You can’t brush off brushing
OK, there is no way around it. You will need to pick up a toothbrush and get busy. If you have never brushed your pets’ teeth before, it is important to try to make this a stress free time. To get your pet used to brushing, bring out the tooth brush weekly and be sure to praise your dog before and after brushing. This will help them view brushing time as a pleasant experience.

Pet toothbrushes come in a number of shapes and sizes and which one you use is a matter of personal preference. Personally, I like to use a finger brush, which slides over your finger, such as the one in the Oral Hygiene Kit. It allows me more of a sense of control, and I can reach in and get the back teeth. However, a finger brush means that your hand is in your pet’s mouth and this may not be for everyone.

A long handled toothbrush will allow you to keep your hand out of your pet’s mouth. There are several to choose from. There are traditional toothbrushes like those from Petrodex or triple surface brushes like the one offered by Triple Pet. This toothbrush has bristles on three sides to hit all the tooth surfaces at once. I find when using the Three-in-One toothbrush you may need to go in with a more traditional brush to reach the gums. It is very important not to forget the gums. If you are purchasing a dental kit is a good idea to get a kit that comes complete with a massager for gums, such as the DDS Dental Care Kit. Most gum massagers fit over your finger like the finger brush so you can get up close and personal with your pet’s gums.

How to Brush
Lift the upper lip gently and place the brush at a 45 degree angle. Gently move the brush back and forth being sure to touch every tooth. Repeat for the bottom teeth.

Never use human toothpaste on your pet
Many of our human toothpastes contain compounds that are safe for us but are harmful for our pets to ingest. Luckily your cat or dog has options when it comes to toothpaste. There are a number of different toothpastes to choose from, and it is a matter of personal preference as to which one your pet will like. Pet Toothpastes come in a range of flavors that appeal to pets such as peanut butter, poultry and liver. There are even all natural toothpastes and gels available.

There is no need to take a vacation from oral health while you are on vacation. If you are traveling with your pet there is no need to take a break from good oral hygiene. There are a number of products that travel well. Cherrybrook offers a DoggieDents Pre pasted Disposable toothbrush as well as several types of dental wipes and dental swabs that are easy to use and make taking care of you pets choppers a breeze. You can even use Spotscent Oral Care Strips to freshen Fido’s breath.

December Grooming Tip of the month

by Claudia Loomis

Does Fluffy smell not-so-fresh and you have no money in the budget for a trip to the groomer or time in the day to give them a bath?

Here are a few quick tips to get your pet smelling fresh and clean for the holidays:

Clean your pet’s ears and brush their teeth. Wax buildup in the ear canal and tarter and plaque on teeth can be only be a source of odor but can lead to bigger problems such as ear infections and dental disease. I few minutes spent cleaning out wax from ears and brushing teeth will help your pets smell better keep them healthy. Mystic Ear Cleaner from Chris Christensen does a great job in cleaning ears. Petzlife dental spray and tooth gel are amazing products that can reduce series plague buildup.

Try a waterless shampoo; there are many varieties to choose from. One of my favorites is Chris Christensen’s OC Magic Foam. OC Magic Foam is applied like a mousse and worked through the coat. You can either towel or blow dry. OC Magic foam has optical brighteners that put a nice shine on the coat.

If you do not even have time for a waterless bath, a great idea is to quickly spritz your dog with an odor remover like Miracle Air or XO Natural Organic Cleaner. These are perfectly safe to use on pets and very effective in eliminating that doggy smell.

Finally, when all else fails and your guests are just about to arrive, you can always simply spray a little pet cologne on your pet, this should make them smell sweeter for the duration of your party. Cherrybrook carries a number of brands and scents of cologne.

Colloidal Silver in Chris Christensen Peace and Kindness

Colloidal Silver is the active ingredient in Chris Christensen Peace and Kindness. Customers have expressed concern that using it might be harmful. Let us dispel your fears!

The side effects of too much colloidal silver, such as blue or grey skin discoloration, are from repeated doses or large doses taken internally. Peace and Kindness is not marketed for internal use. It is a skin soother and should only be used as such. The colloidal silver in Peace and Kindness is meant to relieve irritated skin due to hot spots, eczema, scrapes, etc. Even if a dog licks the product off his skin, it is a trace amount and will not harm the dog.

Because colloidal silver is a natural remedy, it has not been evaluated by the FDA. The FDA does not regulate any holistic products. However, Lisa Christensen of Chris Christensen Systems has done years of research on colloidal silver before deciding to market it as Peace and Kindness. She reassures us that Peace and Kindness is 100% safe, effective and non-toxic. It is completely tasteless, odorless, non-stinging and non-burning to sensitive tissues. This safe all around germ-fighter is even gentle enough to use on puppies and kittens!
According to the Chris Christensen website, Peace and Kindness can be used topically to treat cuts, scrapes, open sores, ear infections, fungus, itchy areas, acne, hot spots, abscesses, mosquito bites, poison ivy, burns, parasitic infections (viral & fungal), blood parasites, ringworm, dermatitis, infections, virus warts, inflammations, all types of virus, yeast infections, seborrhea, scaling or dandruff, skin irritations caused from allergic reactions and 650 other known disease organisms!!!

What to Expect When Expecting a Litter

by Sara Dickey

Like many other dog lovers, I have a passion for dogs. I have five Long Hair Chihuahuas, one Short Hair Chihuahua, and a Shetland Sheepdog.
So here I am blogging about my preparations for a litter. Hopefully I will be able to share the joy of preparing and raising a litter with anyone reading this. Just an FYI, the title can be a little deceiving. In reality, what we expect can be quite different than what actually happens. Preparing for a litter is no exception; but we can certainly take every precaution to plan for a healthy, happy litter by providing our pets with the best care.

You have already done your research and have your “bitch” and “stud”. Needless to say, we all know how many homeless pets there are across the world and we need to make sure we have responsible homes for the fur babies on the way and that we are breeding healthy pets without any hereditary defects or congenital illnesses.

I was a vet tech for over five years and worked in the animal health care industry for over 12 years. Being an animal lover, I absorbed most of my knowledge from hands on training and listening to other breeders who shared their litter experiences with me. Breeding is not for everyone and shouldn’t be. I am sharing this blog for those people who haven’t yet had the joy of delivering a litter.

The first thing I picked up before I decided to breed is the book “The Whelping and Rearing of Puppies” by Muriel P Lee. It was very helpful more than once. No matter how much you know, it is always nice to have a “doggie breeding bible” for reassurance. Hopefully some of the material you read, you will never need to use. For example, if a puppy is born not breathing; never assume the puppy was born dead but perform CPR and other techniques to stimulate the heart. This has only happened to me once, thank the dog lord above for that!

Breeding starts when the dogs “lock” or “tie” together. In most cases this will only happen during a specific time frame of the female heat cycle (it can be from 10-14 days when the red discharge from her vulva turns clear). If you have an unaltered female you know what a nuisance the heat cycle can bring. The pheromones the female secretes during this time are intense for male dogs. Even if you have an altered male, he will still be very persistent and intense trying to mount her, etc. At least mine are. My males are very entertaining to watch as they try to serenade my female to get her attention. From little dances to rollovers around her; they are quite creative and relentless.

I really wasn’t planning on having a litter of puppies this time around. I went to flip laundry in the basement and left the doggies, Cleo and Henry, upstairs with my husband Bill. When I returned my mouth dropped and I said “Honey weren’t you watching them?” My husband looked up from the computer screen and said “what?”. I told him to look down by his feet and he did. He was speechless as the dogs were right beneath him without him even noticing. So, it happens just that fast and don’t think once is not enough.
Even funnier was my 9 year old stepson Trevor entering the room and saying “Ah, Sara, we have a problem. The dogs are stuck together. We have to undo them so they can go to the bathroom. This is not good.”

I explained what was happening in terms a child can understand and that we must not try to “unconnect” them, as it could really hurt the boy dog.

The male gets a great title as a “Stud” .The female takes only the negatively used “Bitch” which I care not to refer to my girl as.

I like to be prepared several weeks prior to Cleo’s due date in terms of materials needed. These are items I like to have. Depending on what breed(s) of dogs you are breeding; what works for me may not necessarily work for other breeds such as Mastiffs or English Bulldogs. Be sure to do ample research on the breeds you are considering to breed as many breeds are prone to difficult births and even difficult mating.

I give Cleo one Pet Tab vitamin a day starting immediately after mating her. In this respect it sort of works like a prenatal vitamin but it can be used everyday on healthy pets for good health maintenance also. Cleo loves Pet Tabs. I think they are liver flavored. Even the best dog foods are deficient in terms of nutrition and this is why it’s especially important to supplement your girl’s diet during pregnancy. I will talk about nutrition in a bit.
Calcium Supplements are controversial. Too much calcium can cause mom to stop producing calcium naturally which can be detrimental to her and her pups. In some cases, some new mommy dogs’ calcium levels drop shortly after delivery. The level drops so low that moms can’t nurse their puppies and also puts mom’s health at risk. Seizures can occur and mom can become very ill and need immediate vet care. The puppies will need to be bottle fed for the duration of the nursing period. I have been giving Cleo one calcium pill a week at this point.

I also supplement Cleo with Wholistic Pet Red Raspberry Leaves the last 4 weeks of pregnancy. Red Raspberry leaves are an organic supplement to support the reproductive system, especially during pregnancy. It works by toning the uterine walls to make birthing easier and at the same time strengthening the pelvic and uterine muscles. I sprinkle it on top of Cleo’s food.
I also like to have Wholistic Pet Colostrum Powder on hand. This is vital to have in the event something happens with mom during delivery. Colostrum is very nourishing and is loaded with all the nutrients necessary to sustain life. It contains essential antibodies to help protect newborns from bacteria, viruses, illness and disease. I recommend the Wholistic Pet Brand supplements for optimal health and nutrition for a broad spectrum of preventative measures. Again, being prepared is vital and can save lives!

Locking Hemostats are a must in the event you have an umbilical cord chewed too short. After a few short minutes of being clamped, most bleeding should stop. In some cases a stitch can be needled in to control the bleeding if the bleeding is aggressive. Some breeders cut the umbilical cords themselves to prevent this, especially if a female has a past tendency to chew and snap the cord too short. This can also lead to umbilical hernias as the pups grow, which will need to be surgically corrected.

Snuggle Safe heat pads are great for many things. I like to towel each pup off after the umbilical cord is detached from the pup. When I am done toweling off the puppy, I place it on a towel-wrapped, warm, snuggle safe while mom is pushing out the next pup. In between contractions I place the pups back with mom to nurse. It is very important they find a nipple and nurse. Newborn puppies can dehydrate very quickly. Newborn puppies cannot maintain their own body temperature the first week or so. It is imperative to keep the litter at a recommended 85 degrees for the first few weeks and away from drafts and air conditioners. If a pup catches a cold or its body temperature drops during this time it can be fatal.

I like to have some type of pre-made puppy milk readily available for the newborns while mom is still in labor. Again, it is important the pups nurse immediately after their arrival. Pups that do not nurse need to be bottle fed. Make sure you have a few pet nursing bottles handy. The milk should be heated up in the microwave the same way you would heat up a baby’s bottle. Do the wrist temperature test.

One way to be able to help better predict when your girl is in labor is by monitoring her body temperature daily. A healthy dogs’ body temperature will be between 100 to 101.5 degrees. Cleo’s normal body temperature is 99-100.5 degrees. It is important to know your girl’s normal body temperature as the first sign of labor is a drop in temperature. Her body temperature will drop down to 96-97 degrees.

Labor can last up to 36 hours. Anything over 36 hours requires a trip to the vet as something maybe wrong. You should be checking her temperature everyday the last week or so of pregnancy. You will also notice your girl’s rear end may start to smell “fishy” or what I like to think of as expressed anal sacs. This is normal and indicates labor is in the near future. One other indication that labor is near is your girls belly. You will notice the shape of her belly will change as her due date approaches. Your girl’s wide stomach will drop lower towards her vulva where the pups will divide into one of the 2 horns in mom’s uterus and line up for delivery.

Chris Christensen Clean Start Shampoo

Chris Christensen Clean Start Shampoo is a clarifying shampoo. The purpose of a clarifying shampoo is to remove any excess buildup or residue from the coat, usually resulting from styling products. Clean Start removes waxes, oils, resins and build-up from the dog’s coat.

To get your dog’s coat free of any residues Clean Start Shampoo should be used about once a month but can be used as frequently as once a week, depending on your dog’s individual coat. It is not recommended for daily use, as some oil in the coat is natural and needs to stay in the coat. Since Clean Start Shampoo does not have any conditioning agents in it, if it is used more frequently than once a month it may dry out the coat.

Clean Start Shampoo does not need to be diluted. Chris Christensen Clean Start Shampoo can be used on all coat types for a fresh, healthy look.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Benefits of Cranberry

Written by Claudia Loomis

Wholistic Pet WholeCran Intense is a convenient and easy to use freeze dried Cranberry powder. Cranberry is commonly recommended by veterinarians to treat recurring urinary tract infections. Most dogs do not like the taste of Cranberry juice and many commercial brands have high sugar content anyway. Some dogs enjoy fresh or frozen unsweetened Cranberries but would have to consume large amounts to get the necessary amount. Powdered Cranberry can be easily sprinkled on dog food, but not all powdered Cranberry is the same. Wholistic Pet WholeCran Intense is Certified Organic, contains no fillers and is obtained from USA cultivated Cranberry Bogs.

Cranberry has long been used as a treatment and preventative for urinary tract health. Along with Blueberries, a related plant, Cranberries contain natural components that inhibit bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract, passing out through the urine. These compounds, known as proanthocyanidins, have been shown to keep E-coli, which cause many UTI’s in pets, from sticking and multiplying in the animal’s urinary tract.

Cranberry also makes urine more acidic. It stands to reason that Cranberry can be useful in preventing and treating bladder stones in dogs and crystals in cats because these flourish in an alkaline environment.

New research indicates that Cranberry may also act outside of the urinary tract against other bacteria in the body. The bacteria that cause stomach ulcers as well as those that cause some types of gum disease are inhibited in the presence of Cranberry. A study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association reported that a component of Cranberry may reverse and inhibit the ability of the oral bacteria responsible for plaque and periodontal disease from joining together.

In addition to adding WholeCran Intense to your pet’s food, you can also mix it with a little water to form a paste for use in brushing your dog or cat’s teeth and gums.The tart little fruit that shines at Thanksgiving is a powerhouse that helps your pet’s urinary and dental health. As more research is done we may discover even more health benefits of Wholistic Pet WholeCran Intense.

Colostrum - Not just for Puppies and Kittens

Written by Claudia Loomis

Bovine Colostrum was commonly used by people as a nutritional supplement to aid the immune system long before the development of antibiotics and sulfa drugs. Since cows do not provide their young with antibodies through the placenta like humans and other mammals such as cats and dogs, Bovine must supply all the antibodies to their young after birth through their milk. This means that Bovine Colostrum has a particularly high concentration of antibodies and other substances that enhance growth and development and support to the immune system.

Colostrum is commonly fed to young puppies and kittens to provide additional nutritional support and to enhance growth and development. Colostrum is packed with hormones, enzymes, micronutrients and peptides that support many bodily functions. In addition, Colostrum also has antibacterial properties. It can be said that Colostrum represents nature's complete nutritional package.

There are many beneficial uses for Colostrum in addition to aiding the growth and development of healthy puppies and kittens.

Colostrum should be the first choice in providing your pet with passive immunity (immunoglobulins IgA, IgM, IgG, lactoferrin) during times of stress. It enhances the immune system during many stressful periods, including boarding, traveling and recovery from surgery, chemo or chronic illness.

Because of its antibacterial properties, Colostrum powder mixed with water to form a paste makes a great topical agent for wound and hot spot healing. It will also aid in the growth of new fur.

The abundance of peptides present in Colostrum give it the ability to aid in the regulation of the thymus gland which supports the immune system when functioning optimally.

Colostrum has also been found to aid in the balancing of intestinal flora helping to support complete digestion of nutrients from food and promote regular, well formed stool.

Colustrum is useful in the treatment of arthritis and hip dysplasia. The growth factors in Colostrum facilitate the body’s regenerative process so that it can better metabolize glucosamine and chondroitin so that they can provide better healing and pain relief.

On the other end of the age spectrum, senior pets, whose advanced age brings diminished organ and bodily system function, can benefit from the regenerative properties of Colostrum; bringing them more vitality in their golden years.

Finally, when selecting Bovine Colostrum it is important to make sure that you a getting the most nutrient dense Colostrum available .The highest quality Colostrum is collected from strictly controlled US origin dairy herds that are fed diets free of meat by-products, hormones, antibiotics and pesticides, and processed in UDSA licensed and inspected human food processing plants. This will ensure that the Colostrum you are feeding your pets will deliver in all the ways you anticipate.

October Grooming Tip of the Month: Selecting the right Brush

Written by Claudia Loomis

There are many styles of brush to choose from and the right one depends on your pet’s coat type and condition. Here is the low down on the different types of dog brushes:

Slicker Brush: This brush has fine metal prongs set at an angle. A slicker is used to remove dead undercoat and aid in detangling. A soft slicker brush is best on puppies and short coated breeds. A heavy or firm slicker is best on dense coats that are wavy, curly or straight. A slicker should not be used on short haired and fine coated breeds such as Boxers or Great Danes. Slickers come in a number of sizes and shapes. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or force when using a slicker brush as the prongs can cause skin irritation resulting in brush burn.

Pin Brush: These brushes have long rounded metal pins that minimize scratching and potential skin irritation. Pin Brushes are traditionally used on longer coated breeds or dogs whose coats are in good condition because the rounded pins result in less hair breakage. The length of the pin should be long enough to reach the skin in order to de-shed. The pins can be made of Stainless steel, brass- which has antistatic properties, or wood, for the gentlest of brushing experiences. The longer the coat, the longer the pin should be.

Bristle Brush: The bristle brush can be used for both short or long coated breeds that have no undercoat. The bristles can be natural or nylon. It provides a gentle brushing experience but is not a good brush for de-shedding or detangling. It is best for distributing the oils throughout the hair shaft and polishing, or shining, the coat.

Curry Mitt: This rubber mitt comes in various sizes and is used for fine coated or shorthaired dogs. Curry Mitts are also used in the tub as a shampoo brush for almost all coat types. They are at getting loose fur out of the coat quickly and most dogs’ love how they feel on their skin.
Hound Glove: This mitt has little nubs or bristles and is designed to give short or sleek coated breeds the once over. Similar to the Curry Mitt, the hound glove provides a nice massage.
Cherrybrook has many different styles and sizes the above brushes and our associates will be happy to help you choose the perfect one for your pet.

REMEMBER: Never brush a dry dog, a coat conditioner or spray will make the brushing experience easier and protect the coat.

Wholesome Hide Rawhide Chews are Made in the USA

Dogs instinctively love rawhide! Rawhide truly satisfies a dog’s need to chew and their primal instincts are stimulated when they catch the scent of the dried hide.  There is now rightfully increased awareness about both the risks and benefits of rawhide.  Not all rawhide is created, sourced, and processed equally so it is important to understand and identify the difference between rawhide brands.

Our dogs really do deserve premium quality, natural rawhide chews and natural rawhide bones. Wholesome Hide All Natural Rawhide Chews are always made from thick, fresh, 100% USA beef hide and are made in the USA. In fact, Wholesome Hide is the ONLY rawhide chew that is produced entirely in the USA of USA beef hide! Don’t be fooled by other rawhide brands labeled as “Made from USA beef hide”.  Often the hide may be from the USA, but they are processed in foreign countries with harsh and toxic chemicals and returned to the US for packaging and distribution.

Foreign made rawhide dog chews are not subject to the same manufacturing and processing scrutiny and are more likely to be processed with toxic chemicals like arsenic, mercury, lead and formaldehyde and bleached to become white in appearance. Also artificial dyes are commonly added to hide spoilage and to make the products appealing to pet parents.  These chemicals alter the taste and remove any nutritional value the hide may have.

Unlike imported rawhide, Wholesome Hide is made of fresh, domestic beef hides that are transported by refrigerated truck to the Wholesome Hide facility located in Illinois. Because of the short transit time and careful handling, these fresh hides do not need to be processed with harsh chemicals.

Not only do Wholesome Hide rawhide chews come from USA beef, but the hides are naturally cleaned using only food grade hydrogen peroxide and rinsed with water. This simple processing means there is no leftover chemical residue clinging to your dog’s chews and also allows the collagen layer to remain on the hide. The flavorful collagen layer is removed when rawhide is processed chemically.

Each rawhide chew and rawhide bone is hand cut, hand shaped and hand tied. Slow drying on open air racks complete the manufacturing process. This hand processing results in rawhide that is uniform in shape and size with a natural golden color. All for your dog’s chewing pleasure and completely Made in the USA.

Thick USA beef hides with the collagen layer left on produce thicker rawhide. Thicker rawhide means more exercise for your dog’s jaw, cleaner teeth and longer chew time. Wholesome Hide asks you to take their challenge. Offer your dog a Wholesome Hide rawhide chew and another of lesser quality. Let your dog choose!

We all want our dogs to live long, healthy and happy lives. By choosing natural dog treats, dog food and dog chews we take a step towards achieving that goal.

When you compare the many brands and styles of rawhide treats available, you will realize how unique Wholesome Hide all natural rawhide chews are.

Keeping Pets Safe over the Holidays with Contech Products

The holiday season can present some unique challenges for pet parents. Seasonal foods, lights and decorations, perhaps even a fragrant and sparkling tree, can prove irresistible to curious cats and dogs. These temptations can pose a real nuisance to pet owners, and a danger to the pets themselves; but how can you enjoy the season without putting your pets at risk?

Here are some typical danger spots, and some proven solutions using Contech technology.

The Christmas Tree
Christmas trees can be nearly impossible for a curious pet to resist; they're bright and intriguing, but loaded with all sorts of dangerous enticements. Long strands of tinsel, if chewed and swallowed, can result in intestinal blockages. Glass ornaments may entice dogs and cats to play, but can easily be broken into dangerous shards. Christmas lights and wiring may be chewed, pulled and stripped, resulting in an electrical hazard, and wrapped gifts, especially food, can present additional hazards (particularly chocolate, and any packaging wrapped in ribbon). Also, if you have a natural tree, the water may look drinkable to your pet, but can contain harmful bacteria.

To minimize the threat of these seasonal enticements, you can designate the tree off limits to pets by placing ScatMat pet training mats around the base, or at the entrance to the room. The ScatMat responds to your pets touch with a mild static sensation (like the static shock you can get from touching a metal doorknob). After a few encounters, cats and dogs will quickly learn to stay away from the area.

Displays on mantels or sideboards
Pets that can reach tabletop displays also pose a hazard, both to your decorations, and themselves. Fine glass ornaments displayed amidst angel hair are a definite enticement, while candles can quickly get out of control if knocked over.

To protect tabletops, ledges and mantels, the Contech StayAway pet deterrent is a versatile solution. Small and portable, just place the StayAway at the approach to the area you want to protect (for example, the spot where kitty jumps to the mantel from the television). When a cat or dog gets within three feet, the StayAway responds with a gentle warning beep, followed by a startling blast of compressed air. After a few times, you can try switching off the compressed air, the beep alone is typically enough to warn pets away. The StayAway is non-flammable, so it's great for keeping pets away from candlelit displays (just keep the can itself away from flames and heat of course), and since it's portable, you can move it around as needed to help keep your cat or dog out of trouble.

Also to keep pets away from windowsills and mantels, there's the ScatMat pet training mat.
Food (on tables, counters or in parcels)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Stress

Written by Claudia Loomis

Holiday stress is not just for People, our Pets feel it too!
Here are some helpful hints to help reduce our pets Holiday stress……

We all feel extra stress around the holidays, long hours spent shopping and wrapping, decorating, entertaining and party going can be lots of fun but there is added pressure and stress to get it all done on time. This means that we have less time to spend with our four legged companions. Our normal routine changes around the holidays and so does the normal routine of our pets. Pets are truly creatures of habit and when things change it can cause our pets to stress.

It is important to remember to try to spend extra time with your pets, walking playing or just hanging out with them calmly.

If there are holiday decorations set up in their favorite places to lay around in the house or if they will have restricted access to certain rooms to accommodate out of town guests, block their access to these areas up to a week before the decorations go up or the guests arrive to allow your pet time to adapt to the changes.
If you are having house guests or hosting a holiday party be sure to provide your pet with a quiet area to retreat, place a favorite bed or blanket in this area and a few of your pet’s favorite toys to help him feel comfortable.

A good option to calm a pet who is feeling stressed is to use plug in pheromones such as ComfortZone or flower essences such as Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets, Homeopet Anxiety Drops or Richards Organics Pet Happy Tonic. These products are all natural homeopathic remedies that work remarkably well at calming and relaxing pets during times of stress. The effects are not long lasting and there are no adverse side effects when used as directed.

Dogs will drink more when they are experiencing stress so be sure to check the water bowl and provide an ample supply of water.

Chewing is a stress reliever for pets, this may be a great time to get a new bone or chew toy for your pet. This will keep them busy while you are decorating or wrapping presents.

It is important not to share your holiday treats with your pets. It is best to keep them on their normal feeding routine; pets that are stressed are more likely to experience diarrhea or vomiting. If you introduce new and unusual foods to your pet at this time it may be enough to give them a bout of the runs or cause vomiting. That is never pleasant, especially around the holidays! If your dog or cat does come down with a bout of diarrhea it can be quickly treated with Wholistic Pet Digest- All Plus. It is a great idea to keep this in the house because you never know when digestive distress will pop up.
Stress has the same effect on our pet’s immune system as it does on ours. When pets are experiencing stress they become more susceptible to illness. This is even more of a concern when our pets are very young puppies, senior or immune compromised due to chronic illness. To help support immune system function and bolster health during periods of stress Wholistic Pet Colostrum Powder is a great product to use.
The biggest hint to relieving our pets stress is to spend time with them, funny how that turns out to be the best way to relieve our stress too!